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Kindled is a puzzle game where you control a fire spirit in a library. The fire sprite has come to the library to gain more knowledge and read but has forgotten something very simple, Paper and wood burns. The fire spirit goes through the library trying to burn as much as possible while not burning the book that they want to read. They can do this by using the objects or environment in the library to maximise the amount of damage and activating countermeasures to limit the spread of fire. The fire spirit has to escape librarians and read to gain more knowledge.

This game is a small puzzle game developed as a project for a university degree. It was developed in 5 weeks as a way for us to expand our knowledge and use it in a practical way. In kindled your main goal is to reach the objective book before you turn limit runs out or the fire you generate burns the book completely. Many trials await you in Kindled, can you make it through all of them.

Kindled includes:
  • 25 strategically made levels
  • Burning action
  • Firefighting Librarians
  • Chaos
  • A nonsensical library
  • and Fire


Finlay Petersen - Project Manager / Programmer

Liam Sigrell - Lead Designer / Designer

Jack Yeomans - Lead Programmer / Programmer

Reece Jones - Designer

Kyle Crowley-Long - Programmer

Special Thanks to:

Steve Halliwell

Tony Parmenter


20191210_Alexandria_Kindled_V5.zip 30 MB

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